4 Things to know before remodeling your shower

Renovations to your home can be an exciting but daunting task. When it comes to the bath & shower space—which needs to be highly functional as well as a serene, practical and luxurious—the stakes are never higher. You have many decisions to make along the way, from colors and materials (no, you don’t have to use cheap tile or plastic)—and the costs can be surprising. What should you know before beginning? Just follow this guide.

1. Just because their licensed, doesn’t mean they’re good

When working with a general contractor, handyman, or a professional shower renovation company (such as National Bath)—you must spell out every part of the plan. Never assume everyone is up to speed. There are horror stories of handymen & contractors gone wrong, like demoing the wrong bath altogether.

Renovating a part of your home is like performing a surgery. You only get one shot to do it right the first time (the most expensive job is the one you pay for twice), and you will need a good plan if you want to be thrilled with the result. Ask the right questions, voice your concerns, & go over all details before signing a contract with anyone.

2. How much does a bathroom remodel cost? More than you think.

Many people are under the false assumption that they could remodel their entire bathroom for a couple thousand dollars. According to Home Depot’s website, the costs can be $20,000-$30,000 and up. At least 70% of that cost can be spent in the tub/shower space alone. This can be shocking for the average consumer. Keep in mind, your bathroom project should be about 10% of the homes total value.

3. The value is in the storage

When creating a bathroom that feels both serene & well-functioning you must consider storage. Think about how you use your space, what kind of products you need to store & how they need to be accessed. You don’t always need deep shelf storage; a shallow shelf can store a lot. Put a recess in the shower & make sure that is enough extra storage (shelves & baskets) for all the products you like to keep around.

4. Know what type of remodel you want

Before you even begin inviting people over for a survey, understand exactly what kind of change you are making & why. If safety is important, then consider lower thresholds that make it easier to get in and out. Add a couple grab bars or a seat so that you can use your shower more effortlessly. If luxury or elegance are important, then pay attention to color palettes & try to use solid surface materials. Grout & tile lines can make your already small shower space feel even smaller.

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